Flora Plant is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products.

We are committed to sourcing inputs from local and global companies that focus on using recycled materials and are dedicated to closed loop sustainable supply.

Our global supplier partnerships help us grow together for a better future.

The various recyclable plastics used around the nursery including, labels, pots and trays are sourced from closed loop suppliers who have given new life to recycled materials by creating high quality products suitable for our industry.

Tray Return
We encourage all our customers to return directly to Flora Plant our packing trays for reuse before they are unfit and must be recycled.

Growing Media (Substrate)
After years of research and development Flora Plant uses Peat specifically designed for our growing requirements as our substrate.

Peat is an organic substrate made by nature and is a mixture of decomposed plant material. It has accumulated in water-saturated bogs in anaerobic conditions, in the absence of oxygen. Peat formation is a continuous process and typically accumulates in bogs at a rate of 1-2 mm per year.

When evaluating which materials go into our substrates we not only look at their unique characteristics such as water hold or air capacity, but we also take into consideration their environmental impacts.