Blueberry - 120 mm

Blueberry - 120 mm

Blueberry - 120 mm

Blueberry plants typically grow to heights ranging from 4 to 7 feet (1.2 to 2.1 meters), depending on the variety. They have oval-shaped, glossy green leaves that turn vibrant shades of red and yellow during the fall months, adding seasonal ornamental interest to gardens.

The berries of the blueberry plant are round, plump, and range in color from shades of blue to purple-black, depending on the variety and ripeness. They are harvested in summer and are enjoyed fresh, frozen, or used in various culinary dishes such as pies, muffins, and jams.

Blueberry plants thrive in acidic soil with good drainage and prefer full sun to partial shade conditions. They require regular watering, especially during the fruiting season, to maintain moist soil. Pruning is essential to promote air circulation and optimal fruit production.

With their attractive foliage, delicious fruits, and health benefits, blueberry plants are a popular choice for home gardens, orchards, and container cultivation, providing both ornamental beauty and a bountiful harvest of nutritious berries.

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